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Synchrnised clocks

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    I was wondering what is the definition of synchronised clocks...is it

    "2 clocks in a frame of reference that measure time at the same rate and appear to an observer within that same frame of reference to show the same time"
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    Welcome to PF, Rab.
    That sounds like a proper definition to me, but I'm not positive about it.
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    synchronised clocks

    is two clocks are synchronised in a stationary frame of reference and then that frame of reference is accelerated to a constant velocity are the clocks still synchronised ?
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    If both of them remain in the same frame, then the answer should be 'yes'. I'm no expert on Relativity, though. It's probably best to wait for a real scientist to weigh in with some answers for you.
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    You've also asked this question in the Relativity forum, which is the proper place for it. Therefore I'm locking this thread. Anyone who wants to pursue this question should look in the Relativity forum for it.
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