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Synchronization gauge

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    Please give me a defnition of the concept "synchronization gauge" I find in papers.
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    Rizzi et al, Synchronization Gauges and the Principles of Special Relativity give this definition:

    "A synchronization gauge is a (very particular) group of transformations, internal to the theory, which leave the observables unchanged (”saving the phenomena”)" (page 2, footnote 3).​

    Thus I interpret this to correspond to a whole family of coordinate systems available for a single observer to choose from, all agreeing the same "measurements" e.g. for observer's proper time. Examples are:

    - the [itex]\epsilon[/itex]-parameterised family of Reichenbach transformations
    - the [itex]\epsilon[/itex]-parameterised family of Mansouri-Sexl transformations
    - the [itex]\epsilon[/itex]-parameterised family of generalised Selleri transformations

    (all for a fixed value of V for a given pair of observers).
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