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Synonyms for cyber

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    Hi, English language is full of synonyms but I can not find any synonym for cyber. Do you know any. I looked at Oxford Synonym Dictionary but it does not include a synonym for it.

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    The best I can do is computerized.
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    Have you invented it or it is in used since the computers were invented? What about interneting?
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    Cyber is vague, and digital is broad.
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    The prefix cyber was first derived for the field of cybernetics nearly two hundred years ago. I'm unaware of when or why it was adopted in this context.

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    In Turkey we use also the word numeric for digital in electrical devices which is also an alternative technology to analog.
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    I think cyber- is related to use of computer networking and telecommunication systems.
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    A great site

    A great site to know for a language learner. Thank you for this.
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    This history is interesting. I had assumed it was a very recent geek-pop word that simply meant "robotic".
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