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Homework Help: Synthesis Reactions-Help

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    Synthesis Reactions---Help

    :rofl: I am having trouble deciding two different synthesis equations for an experiment done at school.
    The expermient consisted of heating magnesium and then adding a few drops of H2O. Reactions where Nirtogen, Magnesium, and H2O. The products where Ammonia, Magmesium Nitride and Magnesium Oxide.

    My two equations (as I thought of it) are:
    1) Mg + H2O -----> NH3
    2) Mg + "X" ------>Mg"X"

    I now need to figure out X....My first thought was that the X element consists of something from the air which gives me O2. Another possibility is H2.
    Please help me figure out the second equation!!!! Thanks.
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    I think you answered your own question.

    "The reactants were Nitrogen, Magnesium, and H2O...The products were ammonia, magnesium nitride, and magnesium oxide". I suggest writing out the chemical formula for all of your products and reactants to make it easier to see which reactants can lead to which products

    Take your first reaction, for example. You wrote Mg + H2O -> NH3.

    Obviously this reaction is incorrect because there are no nitrogens on the left and no oxygens or Mg on the right to balance it out.

    You know NH3 has nitrogen and hydrogen in it, so which of your reactants would be logical to use to obtain those products?
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