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Synthesize propyne

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    I would like to know how to synthesize propyne from propane. I know there is a better answer (much better) than the one I put on my test. I said that propane should be exposed to a bromine solution in the presence of ultra violet light to create 2,2-dibromopropane. I then said to take this compound and expose it to a strong hindered base to create propyne via an E2 mechanism. What is the better way to synthesize propyne, or any allyne from an alkane for that matter? Thanks.
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    MgC2 + H2O → CH2=C=CH2 + CH3-C≡CH, alkylation of acetylene (from CaC2, or other sources).
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    2,2 dibromopropane is a minor product. reason: after formation of 1-bromo propane the bromine acts as an electron withdrawing group and this destabilises the carbon radical for next bromination.
    Better way: use bromination first to give 2-bromo propane(major). now use alcoholic KOH for elimination to get propene.Now use Br2 in CCl4 for dihalogination and use base to get alkyne.
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