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System Engineer

  1. Feb 19, 2016 #1
    Hello I just want to know as an System Engineer student in my second year(I have 4 years in total) what kind of physics and mathematics will I use if going to work in a field let's say ( Electronic System or Electromechanical Systems or Computer).

    Thank you,

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    If in the US:

    Probably not a whole lot, system engineers are more concerned with component integration into systems and life cycle development/sustainment- neither of which will probably be very physics-y or mathematic-y, beyond simple standard things.

    It depends though on who you end up working for, and whats going on at the time.
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    Thanks for the info student100.And what kind of engineer field can I join , if for instance I would know : Algebra , Calculus , Vector Calculus , Differential Calculus + Some good physiscs background ( Electromagnetism etc).
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