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System head curve for tree piping system

  1. May 3, 2010 #1
    as we know to draw the system curve of a piping system we have to change the value of
    Q total and get a head for each value we put in the following equation : H=Hstatic +Kq^2
    where K is the sum of major and minor losses.

    what if we have a piping system that have many branches "tree -system" , how can we plot the system curve then ?
    if we take the longest run and apply the above equation the change in Q all along the pipe will interrupt our calculation because the foumula will look like the following:
    H=hst +K1Q1+K2Q2+K3Q3 ....

    BUT usuallly for a single pipe system we have 1 Q all along the pipe which is the total Q , what do we do in the case of branched system ?
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