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System in lowest energy sate

  1. Oct 27, 2012 #1
    Hello friends... Please answer to this question…
    Any system always prefers a lowest energy state. Why??? Does this fact come from any physical laws?
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    That's a pretty interesting question. I would say it is a direct result of physical laws, but I really couldn't give you a good explanation.

    Also, please don't make your text way bigger than it needs to be. It's like talking really loudly into someones ear.
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    I am not sure prefer is the right word, but a system would tend toward equilibrium due to an imbalance of some kind. From a less to more stable state. The physical law involved will depend on the system in question.
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    Sorry about the font. i didn't meant to talk loud. Please forgive....
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    imbalance of what?
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    An imbalance of forces perhaps.

    If you ask a more specific question, I can try to give more specific answers.

    Energy can dissipate from a system and be converted to other forms but to get the system to a higher energy state requires you put energy into it. When the energy is dissipated, some sorrounding system will absorb the energy and enter a higher energy state. Energy is conserved. But overall, there will be a statistical tendency for systems toward lower energy states as the energy "spreads out" more.
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    Say for example this:
    why does a (electric/magnetic)dipole placed in external electric/magnetic field align itself parallel to the field. Why?
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    Because it feels a force that causes it to do so.
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