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Homework Help: System modelling exercise

  1. Oct 17, 2011 #1
    I have some trouble solving this exercise.

    For this given linear system:

    with the input Tm(T)
    described by these equations


    or re-written this way


    It's also suggested that the states should be considered this way




    I have to find out the state-space model (A,B,C,D matrix).

    How do i find the output (y) equation ?
    y is supposed to be a 2x1 matrix, with both theta L and theta M as outputs.

    I tried solving this by calculating the transfer matrix of the system, but it seems that the denominator has 4 poles, but the number of states is 3. How should the size of A be?
    The thing that bugs me is that the first state (x1) is a difference between those two variables i don't know. For the other exercises, the output was usually one of the states, so i was easy finding out its equation.
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