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System not booting with ati 9800 pro

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    I have a Asus k8v se deluxe motherboard with a amd 3700 64 bit 754 socket processor. When putting in ati radeon 9800 pro 256 mb card, the screen stays blanks and nothing boots. I have 2 seperate k8v motherboards and this happens with both, but when I use the card in my older soyo motherboard it works just fine, so I know its not a problem with the card being broke. All other video cards I have work in this motherboard with no problem. I have read somewhere that the 9800 pro has problems with some power supplys, so i tried a couple different and the same thing happens with all of them when trying to boot it with the k8v motherboard. All power supplys I tested work with the card in my older soyo motherboard, and nothing seems to work with my asus. That is why I am starting to suspect its a compatibility issue with this certain motherboard. Just wondering is there is anything i can do or any reason why this card will not work with this motherboard. Thank you for your time.
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    Is there a jumper or bios setting to switch from onboard or PCI graphics to AGP? Have you tried updating the motherboard bios?
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    I have upgraded the Bios and i assume that it is already set for agp since that is the only type card i have used in the board since ive gotten it.
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    Go into your bios and make sure that your graphics card is not holding a conflicting IRQ number. If it is on the same IRQ channal as say your hardrive...etc.. it could cause your system to misperform and possibly not boot.
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    Using the same IRQ shouldn't matter if APM is turned on, which usually is the case with Windows.
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    Yes, it is most likely you're motherboard. I have had issues with my older ASUS and its compatibility with GeForce. As I am sure there are many people with the same hardware configuration as yours, your best bet is to Google for an answer. Usually, when such a problem arises, people create custom drivers to compensate and rectify any issues that ASUS are not promptly willing to do.
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    is the speaker conected to the motherboard ? (not to the audio card)

    Sometimes if the video card isn't conected you should hear somenthing like

    beeeeep bep bep bep........
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