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System of identical particles

  1. Aug 13, 2009 #1
    [tex]\sum^{3N}_{i=1}\frac{p^2_i}{2m}\leq E[/tex]

    Why I can write this inequality? Is this [tex]E[/tex] energy of system?
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    For system of [tex]N[/tex] identical linear harmonic oscilators of mass [tex]m[/tex], frequency [tex]\omega[/tex] find phase volume, entropy and energy per particle.

    [tex]H(p,x)=\sum^{N}_{i=1}\frac{p^2_i}{2m}+\frac{1}{2}\sum^{N}_{i=1}m\omega^2x^2\leq E[/tex]

    Why inequality? Can I get some explanation?

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    The second sum can't be negative.
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    I don't really know too much but...

    [tex]\sum^{3N}_{i=1}\frac{p^2_i}{2m}\leq E[/tex]

    Looks like it's saying that the sum of the kinetic energy is less than or equal to the total energy, which makes sense to me.
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