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System problems ?

  1. Jun 3, 2008 #1
    Some threads seem to lock out to a "The page your looking for can't be found."
    Is this a known problem.
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    That can happen when a Mentor is busy deleting a thread -- the link is no longer valid, but you may still have a pointer to it in your cache, for example. Could that be what you are seeing?
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    Doesn’t seem that way, problem started yesterday while trying to edit a post with 30 minutes allowed but it the Forum System was sending the update to the
    “The page your looking for can't be found." message I could tell it was a PF message from the google ads that were still on top.

    I was able to post a measure in the tread that the prior post was incomplete and needed fix and although other were still posting in thread, after that even posts were giving back the “Page can’t be found” message from PF.

    Unsure if this post will take but if it does I’ll try a test edit on it.
    I’ll mark the addiotion as a TEST EDIT so if you do not see below it did not take.

    Also, if you do not see me follow with another post right away it means I cannot get a follow on post to take either.


    Test edit - seems to work here
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    Go figure
    no problem here
    I'll wait a day and see if I can get back onto

    The PC's here clear cache with every login and again with reboots which I aways do when tring to clear problems like this.
    Maybe there is some network cache messing up somewhere down the line.
    So I'll give it another day to clear on its own.

    I'll let you know.
  6. Jun 7, 2008 #5
    Just to follow up on the problems I had earlier with posting that lasted a couple days for posts 24 & 25 in thread:


    Probably won't mean much to Mentors and maybe not even a System Administrator unless the problem reoccurs. So this is just FYI for the admin, if it might be needed later.

    I cut and paste into and back out of MS Word 2007 when making a post. And my library system admin has seen some Web Sites have problems with the double quote symbol (“) from the new version of word. And I do notice when typing directly into physics forums the quote symbol does look a little different. Doesn't make any sense to me that this could be a problem except wherever I pasted a copy of the post text post into other parts of Physics Forums, the same ("The page your looking for can't be found.") from PF was displayed. [Again, I could tell it was coming from PF, as it included the PF header Google ads].
    Once that error occurred I could no longer post in use that part of PF. As that part of the fourm would from then on only give ("The page your looking for can't be found.") error blocking access to that thread; the PM - Private Messaging system; opening a new thread in any forum I had tried to paste in the text detail for reference.
    Including failing to be able to post the detail or any additional posts to this “Forum Feedback & Announcements” Forum, even after logging out clearing local cache and logging back in.

    I’m hoping that by allowing some time, whatever system, network cache or other issue may have been involved has hopefully just aged out of the system. And I can add this info – nothing to fix now I hope, but if it happens again to someone else, the above might be useful to a system administrator.
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