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Systems of linear equations (need help)

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    Ok i have a problem that i just cant solve.:frown:

    It says: sam has collected fifty baseball cards. The Major league baseball cards are worth $3.50 and the minor leagure baseball cards are worth $2.00 each. sam`s collection is worth $122.50

    Q: Write a system of equations that can be used to determine the number of each type of card sam has .

    Can anybody help me solve this problem?
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    I moved this question from the Tutorials section to the appropriate Homework Help forum, and removed some font formatting that made it very difficult to read.

    pkitten2007, please be sure to post your homework and coursework problems in the appropriate Homework Help forum, and not in the general forums (and not in Tutorials). Please show us your work so far -- we do not provide answers here on the PF. But we are very willing to provide tutorial help if you show us your work so far.

    Also, please do not post in exotic bold fonts -- they make the posts difficult to read and deal with.
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    What have you all ready tried doing to solve the problem?
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    You have to show your work :). If somebody sees that you've at least tried to attempt it, they will surely help you. I can too, but need show you've attempted it at least. :)
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    Assign variables for number of major league cards and number of minor league baseball cards. Now write the equations.
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    Uhm... i think I can give you some hints, so that you know where to start your problem.
    If you call x to be the number of Major league baseball cards he has, and let y be his Minor league baseball ones.
    So x + y = ? (what's the number of cards he has totally?)
    How much are all his Major cards worth, if one costs $3.50 each?
    How much are all his Minor cards worth, if one costs $2.00 each?
    How much are all his cards worth in terms of x, and y?
    Can you go from here? :)
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