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Systems Science

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    Has there been any discussion regarding the addition of "Systems Science" to the forum? Perhaps under the "Other Sciences" heading. I've seen people question why a certain topic is listed under "Earth Science", and have seen the response that; "It is a multi-disciplinary science".

    Or would this open up a 10 year old can of "we've moved your thread because" worms?
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    I'm not aware of such a discussion, but I've been a member even less time than you Om. I believe we would have to see a lot of activity posted on a topic before considering giving it its own forum.

    Does the Engineering Systems & Design forum come anywhere close to what you have in mind? Please excuse my ignorance about this field.
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    OmCheeto - what's your idea of systems science?

    These days, I would see it centred around hierarchy theory, dissipative structure theory, Peircean semiotics, complex adaptive systems, second order cybernetics, generative neural networks, relational biology, scalefree networks, condensed matter physics and self-organising systems.

    So quite a variety of currently active approaches. But most distinguished by a recognition of some kind of downward causation to complement the usual bottom-up causality of atomistic and mechanistic modelling - which is what makes a system more than the sum of its parts.
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