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Systems view, is it the new paradigm in scientific thought.

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    First, some philosophy, so you may gauge the value of this field of study.

    Systems science is a way for us to understand life as a system of cooperative networks. This is an extremely important field of study, and is being applied currently to many problems.

    This way of seeing the world is very important to our future, and represents the key in understanding how all systems evolve, adapt, create, and develop cooperative cohesive networks.

    The world we are entering demands we understand more about building cooperation than just survival of the fittest. These outdated paradigms are becoming destructive. We are beginning to understand what befalls one affects the whole, whether it be environmental, economics, geo-politics or medicine.

    I believe this school of thought represents the future of scientific inquiry.It does not displace reductionism, it merly shows how these parts connect in a dynamical way.

    Systems theory or systems science argues that however complex or diverse the world that we experience, we will always find different types of organization in it, and such organization can be described by principles which are independent from the specific domain at which we are looking. Hence, if we would uncover those general laws, we would be able to analyze and solve problems in any domain, pertaining to any type of system. (Principia Cybernetica)
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