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Homework Help: T-duality symmetries, how to count them?

  1. May 4, 2010 #1
    Im reading about T-duality in string theory and im trying to understand: in a D dimensional, toroidally, compactified space, is there a symmetry for every compact dimension with itself and with every other compact dimension as well?
    So, I know that T-Duality implies symmetry under
    [tex] R^i \rightarrow \frac{\alpha'}{R^i} [/tex], for every dimension with itself.
    But does it also imply that there is a symmetry under this change between different dimension such as:
    [tex] R^1 \rightarrow \frac{\alpha'}{R^2} [/tex] and vice versa?
    Im trying to count the number of such symmetries in some D dimensional space.


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