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Homework Help: T/F Proposition Statements

  1. Aug 19, 2008 #1
    I've used Cramster to create my question in detail since it has the mathematical symbols I needed.

    http://answerboard.cramster.com/advanced-math-topic-5-301680-0.aspx" [Broken].

    Any advice, suggestions, ideas, and help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much!:smile:
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    Number 4 reads:
    "for any(or all) real number(s) 'a', there exists a real number (not a single one) 'b' such that a+b=0."
    Whatever 'a' is, you can pick out the 'b'
    This is true.

    I agree with the first three.
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    Statement 4 is the existence of negatives axiom I've always been taught:

    "For every real number x there is a real number y such that x + y = 0."
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    Thanks to everyone who replied! It helped a lot!

    I'm very new to this forum (just joined yesterday). Now how do I mark this forum as 'closed' or 'solved' so that people don't have to view it anymore since my question's been answered?
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