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Tab for a Cause

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    Greetings all.

    Yesterday I was introduced to Tab for a Cause through Nerdfighteria.
    Tab for a Cause is a browser extension which raises a small amount of money for charity every time you open a new tab. It sets itself as your new tab page and provides widgets and such. Between 1/10th and 1/3rd of a cent are raised for a single tab. Some quotes from the FAQ:

    "There are a couple banner advertisements in the corner each time you open a New Tab. We get paid for these advertisements, and then give all the profits to charities that partner with us. Tab for a Cause is free to use and always will be."

    "No matter what our costs are, we give at least half of our revenue to charity. Historically we’ve given upwards of 90%. We use the rest of the revenue for two purposes: (1) to cover costs, which include hosting/server costs and food for our team; and (2) to reinvest in getting more Tabbers so that we can give more to charity in the long term."

    You are able to select a general subject area to donate to, with specific charities attached to these subjects.

    Human rights
    Human Rights Watch, International Peace Institute and The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck.


    Room to Read and Educate!

    Save the Children, Action Against Hunger and Diabetes Hands Foundation

    The Environment
    Conservation International

    Even if you are not actively using your web browser, you can use a timed refresh browser extension to kind of beat the system. Every time you refresh the Tab for a Cause homepage it generates funds. I'd call it cheating, but it's money for charity, although I'm not sure how power/internet cost effective this method is.

    Tab for a Cause has a group system, such that a communities can compete with others, and view their collective impact. Perhaps we could create a group for the forum?

    Anyway, here's the link.

    Another way, other than opening tabs, to generate funds is to introduce new users. You can use the below link to generate more free money for me to donate if you become an active user. I encourage you to use someone's crediting link, it doesn't have to be mine. I also encourage you to introduce others to Tab for a Cause if you start using it.

    Edit- Using multiple tabs and automated refreshing, I've found I'm able to generate around 13 tab loads in one minute. At minimum worth (0.1) theoretically I could generate $18.72 in 24 hours, and at maximum (0.33) I could generate $62.40.
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    Looks like an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!
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