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Tab in maple

  1. Oct 13, 2008 #1
    "tab" in maple

    How do you add a "tab" (indentation) in maple? If I press tab it skips to the next section.

    I want to do something like:
    Code (Text):

    if blah then
    end if
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    Re: "tab" in maple

    I don't have Maple on my computer that I have now, but I would think there might be a Insert -> Tab or something like that.

    Note: If you can avoid to do programming in Maple, do so. The debugging tools on Maple are garbage.
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    Re: "tab" in maple

    No choice, I have to implement Kalai's random integer algorithm IN maple.

    the "insert tab" thing does not insert a tab. Rather it inserts a tab for the entire section.
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    Re: "tab" in maple

    Doesn't maple accept input from a text file? There are probably even xemacs packages for prettifying maple code.

    Even if it doesn't... you could still edit the code in your text editor, then paste into your maple session, couldn't you?

    (BTW, have you tried using spaces?)
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