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Tabacco, 100% cut, 90% 25%, etc.

  1. Dec 28, 2003 #1
    FOr all you smokers out there who buy your tabacco in bags, do you know what the difference is?
    FOr those who aren't too familiar, when you buy tabacco in the little bags (for rolling) you have a choice of 100% cut, 90% and so on. It supposedly rolls 100% more cigarettes, 90% more, whatever.
    Does anyone know what chemical they add to this?
    I firgure it must be some kind of chemical because the tabacco is initially very fluffy and delcious but after a few days goes incredibly dry and turns to powder.
    What's the deal?
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    Personally, I don’t smoke unless you count 2nd hand smoke and think tobacco is an evil weed. I’ve heard that tobacco companies put 600-700 secret ingredients and additives in cigarettes. Don’t know what they add to pipe tobacco. After a few days, the moisture in the bag tobacco probably just evaporates.
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    You are 19 yrs old (right?) and rolling cigarettes, you know how truly bad that is for you? Don't say you are gonna go sometime, because the way you will be going will be very slow.

    I don't understand smokers.
  5. Jan 1, 2004 #4
    Smoking to me is the most modern day putrid legal habit that anyone could endure. With all the knoweledge educational and understanding the greed factory behind the tabacco industry, the continual biological struggle of people's organs going through torture over-concerns me with the misunderstanding as to how they can keep interest, even with the addiction to nicotine.

    Just a note of some concern;
    Tobacco has fair amounts of radioactive content. Due to heavy posphate fertilizing of the soil which have an abundance of uranium-238 decay products. Radioactive radon, radiums, lead & recently polonium can all be analyzed in cigarettes. Just something to think about next to you're around smoke particles so well masked by the neutralized methanol & other chems.

    They too will reach a point where they won't understand themselves. When their brain function is continually harrassed wanting the chemical & when they don't re-fill mood, anger depression all start taking their toll.
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    And then when you come to the conclusion you couldn't possibly go without a cigarette..

    USE A FILTER!!!!!! Don't roll you own! *sigh*
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    The impact of obesity related diseases will soon outweigh smoking related diseases. Obesity is on the rise so fast that the future impact cannot be accurately gauged. Worse yet, if obesity get's categorized as a disease, which many are trying to do, our tax dollars will have to pay for the cost of thier gluttony.
    I'll take a ciggarette over a Big Mac any day.

    Bet Ya Cant Eat Just One
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    Yeah, cigarettes are dirty and all that but whatever, I enjoy them. And I do use filters, you can buy a box of 200 at the store.
    Anyway, I guess I wasn't very clear with my question, what I really wanted to know was what the tabacco companies add to the tabacco to make it appear as though you're rolling 100% more, etc. When you buy a bag that rolls 100% more, you're paying less than you would for a 25% more bag. I do believe they both use the same mass of tabacco (like 40 grams, the difference between the two is slight, I've seen some 42 grams, most are 40), so they must be added soemthing that gives the tabacco a more full cut.
    Any ideas?
  9. Jan 3, 2004 #8
    weighing the other to the other doesn't improve your case, your only drowning yourself faster. Obesity will over-take smoking as newer generations will start smoking less as education is presented to them earlier.

    Smoking and the psychology of smoker's increases bad eating habits, including eating fattier diets. It's all a myth that smoker's help reduce bad eating & fat, the attitude smoker's present is almost a suicidal one, if you still haven't understood what you're doing then you need help, conselling, de-tox.

    Cigarettes are more then dirty =>

    Would you enjoy heroine, acid, mushrooms too (continually)? I guess so but somewhat people are furthered from doing does drugs from bad imagery, method and finally side effects. Personally I'd rather inject a syringe directly into the bloodstream then poision one of my most important organs in the body then spread it to a bunch of others by proxy to the brain. But sooner I would think twice about the implications of doing so.

    Besides we know nicotine is the most addictive out of them all.. obviously your brain likes it and tongue -- whatever taste you still have, but your body doesn't. It's not designed to intake smoke continually because nicotine is sending messages "please light one up" milligrams running low. quit while you can if you're young the trip's slope is only degrading & downhill, your mood altered, stress artifically sealed. gl
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    I am glad you are using filters, smoking without a filter is just really gross for your lungs.. seriously. Not that a filter takes away all the bad stuff, but at least it reduces some of it..
  11. Jan 4, 2004 #10
    if you hijak a cig from a smoker and look behind the filter a lot of the chemical sludge still makes an oooze throught the fitler. It is slightly better but still a gimmick into using it as a healthier alternative as the word health shouldn't co-exist with smoking.
  12. Jan 4, 2004 #11
    Oh man. Would you please stop hastling me about my smoking habits. It's my life, I make choices that govern the way I live. I'm aware of the health risks associated with tabacco, they're listing all over every pack of cigarettes I buy (or used to buy anyway). Plus I see those damned commercials day on tv. So PLEASE stop preaching about how bad tabacco is, you don't have to tell me the things I already know.
    Now you can all take pity on me, because my life is ruined and I know it.

    I once smoked a pack of camels that I found on the road (ahh, the years of unemployment) and they were unfiltered. I don't get that, why would someone buy a pack of cigarettes without the filter. Do people actually smoke these? They're terrible, absolutely bitterly terrible. But my thrist for nicotene left me no other choice but to smoke the foul camels.
    And so my lungs were filled with this thick disgusting smoke.
    What made it even worse, apart from my lungs being trampled by these hungry camels, was the fact that there being no filter meant that the tabacco was free to flow with the smoke. In other words I usually had a mouth full of tabacco afterwards, disgusting smoke-enriched tabacco flakes on my tongue and lips.

    You know that urge you get when you have hair in your mouth, the PFF, PFFFF (i'm making sounds), trying to spit it out, yeah, well this was so much worse. And then there was the salivating that was all soaked up at the end, making my cigarette far more juicy then I can normally handle. It was all very bad, so I'm glad I finished that pack :wink:

    And thus ends the story of a boy who could not withstand the onslaught of the wild camel. I hope you all enjoyed entertainment hour here on physicsforums, I know I did. Make it a special story, one that you can pass on to your loved ones. Keep the legend alive.

    (crowd cheers and curtains fall)

    Any news on the stuff they put in tabacco so you can roll more? Really kind of sort of wondering...
  13. Nov 10, 2006 #12
    Hi there!
    First of all, no one wants to live forever so smoke on;)
    And in response to your question if the packs are the same weight it may not actually be an additive it could just be part of the manufacturing process that 'puffs it up'.
    If ya fed up of the tobacco drying up add a small piece(s) of potato to your pack and it should keep the tabacco better hydrated (until the potato dries out),
  14. Nov 10, 2006 #13


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    Yes, no one wants to live forever, that may be, but everyone wants to live as long as possible, so don't smoke on. :devil:
  15. Nov 10, 2006 #14


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    Talk about a dead thread.
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