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I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

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    The speculations were a Dyson sphere in the process of being constructed.
    Initial measurements didn't find an excess of infrared radiation that you would expect from that.

    There is a reason astronomers didn't quickly figure out what it was.
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    stefan r

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    Cumulus clouds form in a nearly spherical oblate spheroid. The bases are between 6358 and 6385 km from the center of planet Earth most of the variation in radius is the pole to equator difference. Saying that cumulus clouds "enclose our planet like the skin of a golf ball" is a misleading statement. "Castles in the sky" might work for cumulus clouds especially cumulus congestus clouds. A "Dyson sphere" is usually much less spherical than the fluffy clouds found "enclosing" Earth. Advanced technology might make something like that possible but there is no reason to expect it. You should not blame Freeman for ideas that came from science fiction authors.

    Freeman Dyson wrote a paper in 1960 that was published science. It has been misunderstood a few times.
    The term "dust" does not clear much up. Basically that means NASA is confident that it is not a gas or a plasma. We already knew that is was too big to be something that is gravitationally bound. "Dust" can be artificially created. The international space station and Viking probes are in the category "types of dust". Looking for artificially generated dust (pollution) is a legitimate form of SETI. Why would radio transmissions be more likely than particulate pollution?

    The question is "How did dust block 20% of a stars light and then stop blocking it for more than a year"? "Where did the dust come from"? We are still lacking a natural explanation. Ruling out gas and plasma narrows it down a little bit.

    A vacuum cleaner collects dust because atmospheric pressure creates a force that pushes the dust toward the vacuum. What sort of force pushed your dust bunnies? A vacuum cleaner is a type of structure. Are saying that there is a larger and stranger megastructure that created the megastructure?

    The light curve for Tabbies star is not very chaotic. The Kepler data does not look like a torus. It might be possible to warp a torus and look at it from an odd angle.
    What would make the dust stay in a torus? Why did the torus warp into the shape that blocked the light?
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    They have an estimate for the size of the dust particles, they cannot be larger than a few micrometers. It is much more than just "not gas or plasma".
    Dust clouds orbiting the star lead to such a pattern.
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