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Table Hopping at a Networking Lunch

  1. Mar 4, 2007 #1
    We have a networking lunch for our Chamber of Commerce and pose the following question. Given the following:
    • Group of fifty persons, each representing one business
    • Five tables with 10 persons per table (One Table Captain, Nine Chamber Members)
    • Each Chamber Member sits at a table for 10 minutes and then a horn is sounded and then relocates to another table, hoping to maximize the number of people that she comes in contact within the networking lunch
    • There is a Table Captain (stationary) at each table to control the flow of the crowd and ensure that each person takes only 60 seconds to inform others about their services/products.
    • Duplication of introductions is allowed
    • Duplication of tables sat at is allowed

    Will it be more beneficial for the Chamber Members to randomly move to tables OR have a strategic plan (algorithm)? The goal is to meet as many of the Chamber Members as possible within the networking lunch.

    Please post your solutions or e-mail them directly to me at tim@killeen.com. I really appreciate your insight on this project! Thank you!:biggrin:
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