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Table of Laplace transforms

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    I need a large table of Laplace transforms, do you know any good ones? Format HTML, Pdf, Ps, Latex or Word (?)

    Extra question: what is the Laplace transform of a Gaussian (normal distribution), with mean m and standard deviation s (assume equal to zero for t<0)?
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    why not make your own table? good integration practice hehe :wink: :tongue2:
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    I also know how to use Google - but you do not answer my question,
    maybe I should define "Large" as more than, say, 150 transforms.

    I do not need to practice integration
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    Tom Mattson

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    I typed "large table laplace transforms" into Google. Check out this link. It has 129 Laplace transform formulas.


    It was the second link that came up. The first was this thread. :rofl:
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    Schaum's intro to Laplace transforms has like 300 laplace transforms listed on a big table.
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    If it helps, the LT of the error function [tex] \frac{2}{\pi^{\frac{1}{2}} }\int_0^t e^{-u^2} du [/tex] is [tex]\frac {1}{s(s+1)^{1/2}}[/tex]

    And since you can always work with the N(0,1) distribution instead of the more general N(m, sigma^2) I think you'll find the aforementioned result useful. If you need the derivation of the Lt just ask.
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