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Table problem

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    have a table (but not the one I need) with three 3 variables (one of these changing) and known answer for these. I need to change one variable but I do not know the formula. Is there any way to figure this out:

    known table:
    v1: 1,833
    v2: 15,89
    v3: 53/9

    this gives me a table with percentages as follows (these are differential ratios from a transmission and the answers are percentages of how two axles differ from each other):

    1%=1,274, 2%=1,262, 3%=1,249, 4%=1,237, 5%=1,225, 6%=1,214, 7%=1,203

    I need to change v3 to 51/9 and figure out the values for each percentage.

    any help would be highly appreciated.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    I don't see any way to predict what a different table would be from the information you gave using only mathematics. A person would have to understand the physical system that the table represents. This sounds like a mechanical engineering question.
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