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Tablet PC for students

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    I was wondering if there were other people out there that used Tablet PCs, specifically students. I only know of one other person who uses one, but he doesn't use it for class because of battery life. I am considering buying one, but I'd like to hear from other students that have experience with the tablet pc and any complaints or recommendations they have.

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    I knew someone who had a tablet. It wasn't very useful. If you want a laptop get a laptop. That tablet part is just a gimick.
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    Since I'm a staunch Mac guy, I don't pay much attention to what's happening in the PC world. I seem to recall seeing an ad, however, for a full-bore laptop that folds flat into a tablet (or unplugs from the screen section to form one, or something like that). Maybe that's a compromise that would suit you.
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    A local all girls school is going tablet PC for all their students.

    I think they are clunky for use and a regular laptop is more productive (typing is a lot more comfortable than writing)
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    My school (left last year) gave everyone one and they wern't much good. They were really fragile, slow connecting to wifi, and no better than writing your notes on paper really. The only thing they were good for was when the teacher plugged there's into a projector so you could see what was going on. I would just get a laptop instead.
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