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Tag.contextweb.com problems

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    I just had to switch JavaScript on Marzena's computer off, as her Opera was hanging on trying to contact tag.contextweb.com. Emptying cache, removing cookies didn't help. Anyone else noticing problems?
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    hmm we've had problem in the past. keep me updated if problems persist.
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    It persist for several days now, it is just that I didn't know about it earlier (let's call it a miscommunication :wink:).

    It could be it is limited to her computer, but I checked everything I could think of - to no avail.

    Ideas (about what the problem can be) welcomed.
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    This is probably not the solution you're looking for, but there's an add-on for chrome called "ScriptSafe", in which you can block unwanted resources, such as contextweb, googleanalytics, etc. You should give it a go.
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    There was a Windows 7 update a while back that caused me some Java problems. I reinstalled Java and all is well.
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