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Tagential hall's effect

  1. May 30, 2009 #1
    Hi everybody.. I have a question on tagential magnetic field.
    I have a ferromagnetic material in longitudinal magnetic field and i necessary to know the component tangential H (magnetizing force) of this field by probe hall effect in this material near at your inside surfice. If the probe hall value of Ht1 in air is correct to say Ht1 = Ht2 ? And if true what mathematical law is applied?
    Tanks and best regards

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    IF the H (and B) field is along z, and there is no surface current J at the boundary (in x-z plane or y-z plane) , then curl H = 0, so dHz/dx = -dHz/dy = 0.
    In your picture, Bz inside ferrite = u Bz outside ferrite, where u = relative permeability..
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    If H is a static field, then H tangential is continuous, so you are right to say Ht1=Ht2.
    If H is oscillating in time, it is more complicated.
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    Tanks.. Exuse me if i do not draw the cartesian axial. Hence Ht1 = Ht2 along x-axsis and y-axsis.
    If instead surface current J because the ferromagetic material is trought by current is not true Ht1 = Ht2 but I can say che H1 about Ht2?
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    Yay, boundary conditions!

    Take a look starting at page 57: http://www.amanogawa.com/archive/docs/EM5.pdf

    Basically, for almost any real material the tangential magnetic field is continuous. If you have surface currents, then the difference in the tangential components will be related to the surface current density.
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    Tanks for your replay... and exuse me if i do not write a english correct...
    Best regard
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