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Tagging a Category in HTML

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    All, i'm creating a website for my wife and i'd like to be able to make updates while at work. unfortunately our filters here won't let the site come through because of the category settings. For example, if i were to try and go to the texas lotto page, our filters would block it because the category is gambling/gaming/entertainment...

    when i try and view her page it blocks it because the site does not have a category.

    my question is: Is there some html tag i need to incorporate for this? i've looked online for various combinations of html, tag, category, filter and have found nothing discussing this topic.

    any help would be greatly appreiciated.

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    You need to find out which specific tag your workplace's filters look at. Ask your network administrators. It might be either PICS (now apparently obsolete) or POWDER, or maybe something else entirely.
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