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Tail of an aircraft

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    Anyone know any good resources on airplane tails? I am looking for a tail shape that will work at low reynolds numbers for a small (model sized) cargo plane. I found quite a lot on wings when I was looking for a shape for that but not so much for tails. If anyone knows any good books that explain some of the theory behind tails that would be very helpful.
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    Dutch roll can be affected by the length of the airplane tail. I'm not sure how this is modeled in advance. There have been cases, where the tail section had to be redesigned (usually made longer) to correct a design that had a dutch roll issue. Links:



    Another issue is related to the tail section being affected by the downwash from the main wing, which is why T tails are used on some aircraft.

    There are other factors affecting the design of aircraft tail sections, but I don't know where to find links.
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    Understanding Flight. David F. Anderson, Scott Eberhardt.
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    Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach
    [Daniel P. Raymer]
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