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Take Home Message

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    A professional Biologist assigned the responsibility of making closing remarks at a recent conservation conference reviewed the important issues discussed throughout the conference and insights into the future direction of research and left us with this take home message:

    ..... as he noticed the word Love was brought up as a factor in several of the concurrent sessions, he stated,

    "Love being mentioned at a scientific congress means change is in the air.
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    But change is very rarely towards the thing you expect, or wish for.
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    Change is in the air.:wink:

    Change is everywhere.
    Its no use trying to stay the same.
    Its no use, you can change your name.
    Change will find you just the same.

    Change is in the air.

    And its in your hair.
    Its in the way you walk.
    And the way you talk.

    Change is in the air.

    Its also anaerobic.

    Change is makin' it all transparent.
    Change is an unruley parent.
    Change is takin' over parliment.
    Change is servin' you a warrant.

    Change is in the air.

    (DJ Carl In The House!eh!)
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    Just noting that if a biologist talks about love as the next line of research, the chances are, the change will be towards proving it to be a purely mechanistic effect.:wink:
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    Science is nothing more than a way of knowing -- but it is not the only way of knowing.

    Science cannot prove anything -- if doing the job right -- the scientists are trying to disprove every hypothesis.

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    Sure. I know you are wrong. :wink:
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    Not to scold, but I find it most interesting that both replies used humoresque responses.

    IS that to cross the barriers of such a taboo subject such as love ?

    The integrity of mentioning its use in scientific terminology does not help your mapping it to some type of St. Valentine's proposal brought on by Cupid's arrow.

    Behavior and attitude toward this love subject is due to a deep groove in the brain where the neurons are tied into a loop and locked into the physical structure of your body due to these repeated thoughts becoming habits, beliefs and judgments that you associate with.

    It is extremely hard to modify these loops or grooves of mind-body communication but is it possible if you are aware of it.

    -------------------------- To continue:

    At the referenced Scientific Congress, my observation highlighted love factoring in when I listened to an analysis of use of guardian dogs for controlling predation in pastoral economies. Their use is in recognition of Wolf conservation initiatives where the rancher normally would want to kill the predator.

    The dogs are trained by raising them within an enclosed environment with a herd of livestock where they have little human contact prior to their release with the herd into the pasture. The relationship with the livestock is then "voluntary" by the dog as it remains with the herd and consciously protects it from wildlife predation.

    Why I noted "love" as a necessary factor in this type scenario is that the researcher/trainer mentioned that these guardian dogs DO NOT need and SHOULD NOT be "aggressive" in nature. The reason for their protectiveness of the herd stems out of a more complex link -- LOVE.
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