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  1. Greetings. I have been on your planet for centuries. Like you I am carbon based, I have two eyes like you. I have two hands and ten fingers just like you. In many ways we are alike, but unlike you I know my true worth. I am always strong, as is my entire family. I do not suffer from jealousy or hard-headedness, but you seldom give me respect. So go ahead Earthling, hit me, throw me away, do what you will. At least recognize me.
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  3. I guess the question is, who said that?
  4. ...ummmm maybe it would be easier if we approximately knew what time period that was in? its not exactly shakespeare now is it...
  5. it was said 12/17/2004 at 6:07pm.
  6. Is the answer You?
  7. A dog.......
  8. matthyaouw

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    If your dog posesses those charachteristics and talks to you, chances are what you have there is a rather hairy man crawling about on his knees. This being the case, I'd cast him out if I were you, before you get a reputation for leading naked men around on a leash.
  9. Select for a hint The reason I put the jealousness and hard headedness was so that you wouldn't think of green or metal, eliminating paper money and coins.
  10. Gokul43201

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    While the eyes, hands and fingers are troublesome in themselves, the opening statement worries me more.

    When you say "centuries", it sounds like it's a smaller time than tens or hundreds of millenia. This eliminates all plant life, and most animals too...and in fact, seems to point towards something that may, after all, be man-made. But it would seem unusual for a man-made thing to have to go introduce itself to man and explain its characteristics...unless it's inadvertently made...like some kind of by-product. So anyway, that's where I'm stuck...more or less.

    Also, I can't think of a thing that's got anything resembling 2 eyes, 2 hands and 10 fingers.
  11. NoTime

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    Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.
    I don't think I have ever met an Earthling. :tongue2:

    The hint isn't much help.
    Coins are not carbon based.
    While US paper money has two eyes, I don't think I have ever seen any currency with hands and fingers.

    It's tough being green. :smile:
  12. I was thinking gloves. Most gloves don't have eyes; boxing gloves do (where the laces go through) but they always have more than two. What else has eyes? potatoes? needles? Horses have hands (to measure their height in)... Nah... I give up.
  13. Select for a hint Yes this is an inanimate object and how many forms of carbon can you think of?
  14. DaveC426913

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    I want to say 'silicon', but it's too much of a stretch.

    - it's been on our planet for a long time (a *very* long time - centuries is a red herring)
    - it is in the same periodic family as carbon (carbon-based)
    - it has two 'i's
    - I thought the '2 hands and ten fingers' might be a metaphor for its electron orbitals
    - it's 'true worth' is Atomic number 14
    - 'strong' would somehow refer to its elemental/chemical properties, and would be similar to its 'entire family' on the periodic table
    - 'jealousy or hard-headedness, seldom respected' - red herrings or metaphors
  15. dextercioby

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    Carbon isotope.Not necessarily radioactive 14.It has 10/11/12/13/14/15/16 nucleons and,as diamond,it's the second toughest/strongest mineral known to man.Carbon 12 has two alotropic forms.Diamond and graphite.On the other hand,it may not be pure carbon:it may be coal,a form of it.

    It's weird,though.
  16. DaveC426913

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    "...as diamond,it's the second toughest/strongest mineral known to man..."

    Second? Next to what? Bucky-ene?
  17. dextercioby

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    You mean second to what??? :wink: Yeah,i was missinformed :blushing: .Apparently diamond is still number one.For who is number 2 and 3,check these links:
    number 2 and 3

    I was thinking about boron carbide [itex] B_{4}C [/itex]

  18. dextercioby

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    number 2
    number 1

    So i was right,since apparently number 2 exists only in theory.

  19. Was this one really that hard? I thought I gave enough clues. select for answer:I thought the "hit me" would give it away. It is a playing card. the carbon based tells you it is a diamond, only face cards have eyes and hands, the J and Q have 4 eyes, so the answer must be the King of Diamonds.
  20. dextercioby

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    Good one,Tribdog!!Really smart. :wink: I guessed the "diamond "part. :tongue2: Anyway,it's nice to find out that "silicon has two eyes('i'-s)". :tongue2:

  21. DaveC426913

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    Good one.

    Got any more?
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