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Take more EE courses or not?

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    Hi. I'm a Junior Electrical Engineering major, about to complete my B.S. degree. I have one more year to go and need help planning my schedule.

    In short, I have only one required EE course that I must take each semester. I also have a few gen-ed requirements that I need to take no matter what, each semester. So at this point, I have two classes per semester that is required and comprises of 8 total credits.

    Full-time is 12 credits.

    For the fall and spring of my Senior year, I would like to take an upper level EE course each semester. Therefore, for the fall and spring semester, I will have two required courses and the EE course I want to take. I will have one slot open each semester.

    EE Courses are in red.

    Fall 2008
    Senior EE Course - Required Course
    General Ed. - Required Course
    Senior EE Elective Course - Want To Take
    Free Slot for random course

    Spring 2009
    Senior EE Course - Required Course
    General Ed. - Required Course
    Physical Education Course - Required Course
    Senior EE Elective Course - Want To Take
    Free Slot for random course

    This is where I need your help. Ultimately, my career goals is to work for an engineer for maybe 1-3 years and then pursue an MBA or law degree. I have no desire to be an engineer my whole life.

    I am mainly asking these questions because of the added pressures of the importance of your GPA when applying to graduate school (whether it's a business or law school). I know they might realize that engineering may be slightly more harder and difficult to get a high GPA, but sometimes that doesn't matter for most admissions committee (this is what I've been reading, at least). You are compared to a student with a completely different major, let's say a humanities major, with no distinction between the students, except solely the GPA.

    Does it matter if I don't take EE courses in the free spots? I am talking in POV of a employer who looks at my senior level course listings on my transcript, for example. As I mentioned above, I do plan on working as an engineer as a few years, so I will be applying for entry-level jobs as an EE/Comp E. (Please note, I will have two internships under my belt, in addition to numerous campus leadership activities, few scholarships, and a few honor society memberships (Eta Kappa Nu, EE honor society... being one of them)).

    Otherwise, if I do not take additional EE courses, I am planning on taking some other courses where I can boost my GPA even higher. They might be either 300 level CS classes or even some other interesting Gen-Eds. I guess the 300-level CS courses wouldn't look that bad. My main goal is to try to boost my GPA above a 3.3+/4.0. I currently have a 3.18.
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