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Taking care of laptop.

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    Okay, this is my first laptop so I would like to know some tips and guideline on how to protect my laptop and taking care of it.

    What problems usually occur on a laptop?

    What should I take note on the laptop in order to increase its lifespan and performance.

    What happen if there is dust enter inside ur laptop and how to prevent it?

    What should I do to secure laptop.

    and any other related guidelines are appreciated.

    Thanks ~
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    "What problems usually occur on a laptop?"

    Most of my troubles have been somehow mechanical - due to excessive moving about and such. Cable crimp, loose screws, scratches, etc. Or hardware problems caused by the occasional bump. (My video card is acting up). Peripherals - anything that attaches to the laptop - have had a rough time: wireless network card, USB mouse cable, power cable. I am about to buy my third power cable - it keeps crimping right at the socket.

    "What should I take note on the laptop in order to increase its lifespan and performance."

    MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT UNDER WARRANTY. I wish I had done that.

    "What happen if there is dust enter inside ur laptop and how to prevent it?"

    I've never done much about this.

    "What should I do to secure laptop."

    Never, ever let it more than six inches from you in public.
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    The warranty thing is a must, one which lasts till you get a new one ..... any laptop out of last 5 hasn't stand without maintenance for more than 4 months :cry: . Have tried to lighten the dust problem by compressed air to the fans. Most of my problems have been hardware failures due to "overuse" or something, have managed without too bad bumps. Best way to keep it running good is to keep it away from Windows.
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    Always keep your battery charged and plug the laptop in if there is a receptacle nearby. Batteries have a relatively short lifespan, so the less you use it, the better.
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    Using a vacuum occasionally will help prevent dust accumulation.
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    well then how are u going to dissipate the heat???
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    hit the fans with a vacuum to suck out the dust.

    I guess just keep care to not throw it around.

    and get a security cable to lock it up.
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    when i bought mine the salesperson told me to keep the materlial that was between the screen and keyboard to protect the screen.... i lost it though
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    My friends told me that the more time u let your computer on, the longer its life.. Is this true? Does this apply to laptop also?
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    Been thinking about this quite a bit .... own empirical evidence suggests that it applies (or that the life isn't significantly shortened), I run 2 laptops 24/7 and don't seem to have any more problems or a shorter lifespan than with other workstations (and with workstations would definitely argue longer ... no thermal transients etc. prolongs).
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