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Taking classes Pass/Fail

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    I have to take a bunch of SS/humanities classes to fulfill my gen ed requirements. These classes bore me to death, and I don't think I can muster the strength to put in effort in these courses. If I take these classes pass/fail, would grad schools look down on it?
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    Maybe, if you take all of them P/F. Also, man up.
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    Those classes are typically a joke! Hell, why people don't use them as GPA boosters is beyond me.
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    Yeah that too. I went to a school where most of the gen ed courses were serious business, but there are always courses and sections with easy teachers.

    But your gen ed courses might actually be useful. For example in social science, taking a course that delves into judgement bias or logical fallacies could help prepare you for proof-based math courses. Or if you take a course that involves regression analysis, you could pick up a lot of basic statistics along the way.
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    Or maybe -- just maybe -- they'll make you a better person. It boggles the mind why everyone thinks general education classes are a waste of time. Sorry, don't have an answer for the OP; I'm just bothered by the opinion people have about general education classes.
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    I personally think that Gen. Eds are a waste of time because the point they serve "should" be handled in high school. Of course high school is many times a joke in itself.

    I generally do worse in these classes than I do others. Mainly because of how stupid most of these classes are. Mainly the social science type ones. Everything taught in the intro classes is very basic and common sense.

    I think the only gen ed that I walked out feeling like a better person is college writing/literature. Simply because the professor was great and tried to teach us how to think rather than giving us a super analysis on some stupid book.
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    This statement is completely illogical. While I agree they should be handled in high school, if they aren't, how are they then a waste of time? Do you think one can only learn than in high school, but once that time has passed then he should go his whole life without gaining such knowledge?
    The stupidity of these classes seems to be a common sentiment, but, again, if everything is so easy, basic and common sense to someone, then that person should ace it without much trouble.
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    Well yea, since they are not handled in high school then yes they should be done in college. I'm just saying the system is broken in this regard because ideally we should get them done in high school and not in college.

    They should be aced with out much trouble, most of the time its just putting in the time to read/write the various assignments. Time I personally have trouble spending because of disinterest. A personal flaw not necessarily a flaw in the classes.

    I fully understand the need for studying things outside your field, I just have criticisms for the way they are done.
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