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Taking off an helicopter

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    Can you give me the formula for taking off a helicopter? This formula must give the minimum force that produced by moth for taking off. :uhh: (i want to project a miniatur helicopter).Thanks... from eng. student
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    The minimum force is the weight of the helicopter. As for formulas, how complicated do you want to get...? The simplest model would come from f=ma.
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    not this. i wanted to ask that the force moth supports. :redface:
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    a moth uses very advanced aerodyanmical movements. The principle of how it actyally stays in the air is very new and research is still being done on it. As for your project, russ waters tells it how it is.


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    You might want to check out this book:

    Ellington, C.P.
    The aerodynamics of hovering insect flight

    If you google for the person he might have some other stuff that might interest you as well.
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