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Taking precalc this summer

  1. Mar 25, 2009 #1
    I am currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in taking precalc this summer. I would prefer a concentrated 3 -4 week residential course at a college or a university or on-line course, because I do not have a license. Any recommendations?
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    Re: Precalclus

    You have two more years of high school yet to complete. What have you studied so far? Make sure that at least your intermediate algebra is very strong before trying PreCalculus. Four weeks is not long enough for a PreCalculus course. If you are studying intermediate algebra right now, then you could study PreCalculus on your own during the summer. Prepare to spend at least 3 hours everyday for the WHOLE summer 3 months.
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    Re: Precalclus

    Yes, this can be done, but it takes some determination. Your first suggestion is probably the easiest, as a teacher will be there to guide you along. But by far, residential courses cost more than the online classes.

    Online courses require a lot of dedication, as no one will be pushing you. Most professors don't care if you submit assignments on time, or if you wait until the last minute....this is the major difference from High school.

    How are your Algebra skills?

    As most sophomores don't even think about doing this, and if you understand what you're getting yourself into, I'm inclined to suggest you go for it. The more you get done during high school, the less you have to do in college.
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    Re: Precalclus

    Thanks for your thoughts. I am a highly motivated math student and have excelled at Algebra. My teacher recommended I take Math 418 Analysis and Application of Functions at UNH this summer. It is a plug-in on-line class three nights a week for 6 weeks. Has anyone taken this class? Does anyone have another recommendation for an on-line or on-site class this summer?
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    Re: Precalclus

    I have not taken this class, but it looks like it would work. Definitely better than the high school equivalent. There are a lot of schools that offer online classes. In fact, any big university, has 'independent learning' or Continuing Education' departments. Some, like Stanford have special programs during the summer (http://epgy.stanford.edu/index.html" [Broken]). It all depends on how much you want to spend.
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    Re: Precalclus

    Thank you for your recommendations. I checked out EPYG and think it might be a good fit.
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    Re: Precalclus

    Go to a nearby JuCo and enroll. I did that myself [ for free, mind you ].

    I think I was a soph [ 10th grade ] back then, and then took the Precalculus class at a nearby comm college during the Fall semester.

    I guess if you actually spend some extra time outside of that doing extra problems there wouldn't be any problems.
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