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Taking some Postgraduate Years for Research

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    Hi everyone, I'm in an M.S. program for physics. I am studying the quantum state of a photon in the presence of electrons and positrons as a research project in theoretical particle-physics. The research itself is going slowly, but as I take more classes, I get better at research...naturally. The question I bring to you: I'll be done with three more semesters (Spring 2011). I'll be pretty physics-educated by then. However, I know there are people out there with better credentials than I.

    I was wondering if I could continue research with my present advisor for a time between the start of my PhD program and the end of my M.S. program. In theory, I could wait a number of years and do research before going for my PhD. I could do something else on the side: e.g., mission work, etc., and still do research....I hope. I need time to publish. I thought it was also helpful that theoretical physics doesn't require fancy instrumentation, and I can pretty much take it anywhere I go.

    Do you think that if I don't get into the PhD school of my choice that it's a wise idea to take some time off after getting my M.S. and focus on publishing with my current adviser? (He's working with a friend of mine on something, even so he's already graduated).
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