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Taking the leap: Books on QFT

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    thank you very much, this is explains a lot...
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    One source he recommends is the African Summer Theory Institute's online lectures (including Zee on QFT, Ellis on Cosmology..), does anyone have a (working) link for these?
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    It's right there. Click on Zee, ASTI Lectures. It works for me. It's a set of video and audio clips.
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    George Jones

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    Whenever I click on any of the links for the audio and video clips, I get

    Server not found
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    This is the location of one of the video lectures
    http://zeus.mth.uct.ac.za/avi/20-Cress-Astrophysics-2.avi [Broken] [Does not work]

    A little bit of googling showed me that the URL for the maths dept. of the Univ. of Cape Town is http://mth.uct.ac.za/ (Notice that there is no 'zeus'). Well, I I tried without the zeus part, and this is what I get.

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    ASTI video lectures


    The web server hosting the ASTI video and audio files is acting up a bit at the moment. I've notified the sysadmin and hopefully this will be fixed soon. Note that since the fix might entail moving the videos to another machine, please always use the main ASTI page at http://www.asti.ac.za/ to access the lectures (click on Online Lectures).
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