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Taking the plunge

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    So I'm finally taking the plunge. I've been at Purdue for 3 years now, never knowing what i really wanted to do. Ever since my first physics class ever a year ago I have been considering going into it.

    I couldn't decide what to do, so I decided that I would never be able to decide, and decided not to try to decide anymore what to do, and just jump. So this week I got all the change of degree objective papers turned in, and and starting to get signed up for classes next semester (and this summer), and I'm looking into a research position this summer too. I'm full on taking the plunge now, we'll see how it goes :).

    Look out physics world, here I come! haha
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    Physics is a tough choice, but good luck. You'll need it.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I know the Purdue physics building well...it has some neat posters on the second floor.
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    Everybody into the pool!
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