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Taking undergrad deficiency course PHY

  1. Apr 21, 2010 #1
    I came from EE background. Though I got admit for grad programe for EE, I am thinking of changing to physics grad programe . So, I am still thinking of taking some under grad physics course as deficency course for grad physics. These are the course I am thinking of taking of undergraduate class.

    1>Clasical mechanics I&II
    2>Quantum Mechanics I&II
    3>Electromagnetics I&II
    4>Statistical Mechanics I&II

    But the problem is i can take only 9 credit/sem. So, I am thinking of taking 1,2 & 3 (part I of all) and next sem 1,2 &3 (part II of all). I really want to complete these course in 1st year such that next year I can take grad course. I will be missing 4(stat. mechanics) and I am just thinking how do i squeezed it in 1st year itself?
    Other question I want to ask is are these the only core course we need to take to supplement the grad course for non-physics major folks? Any idea from expert will be of great help.

    Finally I have one small social issue concern. I think this shouldn't be a problem. Does anyone have idea for a person like us, who has crossed his undergrad age(something of 28+),how difficult or how awkward it will be to sit with kids for taking these classes :) . I hope they don't poke fun on us for late comer or sth. else :) . Any first hand experience on this situation is welcome to comment on this query.Thx.
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