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Talk Sex with Sue Johanson

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I watched this a couple of times years ago, but she lost me when she started describing what one can do with an armpit. However, I see that she has gotten much more popular. Has anyone else ever caught this? Is it as bad as I remember?

    http://www.talksexwithsue.com/index2.html [Broken]
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    I've never managed to sit through a whole show of hers. There's something about a 70-yr-old lady talking about that stuff that didn't do it for me. All her service has made her a CM though, which would be Canada's equivalent of an OBE (or MBE?).
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    No, but my marriage was discussed on Dr Ruth by the boyfriend of a girl that my now ex-husband was having an affair with. I happened on that by chance, by flipping through channels. :bugeye:

    The circumstances where very unique and precise. I did find out that it was indeed that girl's boyfriend that had called in.

    Am I lucky or what?
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    What could you possibly learn from her show? Im sure there not allowed to have anything explicit, so its basically useless.
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    She comes to my school every year or so and always draws a gigantic crowd. I haven't seen her in person but my friends who have say that it's very entertaining and informative.
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    I have watched the show several times and I love the fact that she is over 70 and can be so blunt when talking about sex.
    My favorite part is when she takes caller question.
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    oh boy what a way to find out! :bugeye::eek:

    I'm sure people can learn a lot, as far as I know nothing is censored. Nothing's taboo to Sue Johanson!
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    I've never heard of her before, but looking at her website, I'm guessing she's just the next Dr. Ruth? The lady who's too old to have to worry what people think of her for talking bluntly about sex?
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    I've watched her a few times. Her communication skills are pretty bad. The show can sometimes be entertaining, but overall not good. She's pretty out of touch with the current times.
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    I like the show. I used to watch it sometimes when I was in high school (not that it came to much use back then :rofl: ... :blushing: — but hey, at least I was informed when the time came! ... actually, come to think of it, I was more drunk than informed the first time... and pretty clumsy... but the time after that I was at least mediocre!).

    Anyway, only hearing the WEIRD questions and misconceptions callers will call in with is a testament of how much the show is needed.

    I especially remember:
    "can I use a ziploc bag instead of a condom?" ... :confused: :rofl:

    Yikes! sorry.

    I say PF has a new award starting this year for"PF MEMBER TO WHOM THE MOST INTERESTING WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN TO" ... then again, Evo'd always win anyway so she should just get a permanent badge of honor :biggrin:
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    I think this is why we need good sex ed in schools again! Thinking back to the questions my sex ed teacher used to answer for us, I feel a bit sorry for her. She used to leave a box outside the classroom for students to drop in anonymous questions they were too embarrassed to raise their hand and ask about in class. To her credit, she'd answer each and every one of them, no matter how seemingly ridiculous. One I remember very clearly because it seemed so bizarre (but I've since heard repeated as a common myth) was "Can you still get pregnant if you douche with a Coke right after sex?" :bugeye:

    Then again, she was also known for telling us that childbirth is only "uncomfortable." :rolleyes:
  13. Feb 9, 2008 #12
    Funny this topic should come up. The GT Chess Club has free play on Friday, anyone can play with us. We set up in the student center, and there are TVs near where we play. One of them was tuned to a channel with this on, and the sound was blaring. All of us chess players were too embarrassed to go switch it off, so we all sat there trying to concentrate on our games while grandma chatted about oral sex.
  14. Feb 9, 2008 #13


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    :rofl: Oh, just admit you weren't too embarrassed to turn it off, you were all too curious to know what she had to say! :biggrin:
  15. Feb 9, 2008 #14


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    Thanks, I needed that...it's been a tough week for me!
  16. Feb 10, 2008 #15
    :rofl::rofl::rofl: O my. I wonder why Mythbusters didn't include that in the episode they did about Coke myths :rofl:
  17. Feb 10, 2008 #16
    It's called "visualization". I'm sure you've read a book in your life. Obviously, you can't learn how to do something just by reading about it, but if you already know what you are doing, you can read and get different view points and tips about it.

    Now put that book on tape and you get a lecture, same deal.

    Hell, even if it was no-holds-barred sex being shown, what exactly could you learn? You can't learn martial arts, dancing, or anything else just by watching tapes, you need to actually do it.
  18. Feb 10, 2008 #17
    Yikes, I just searched Sue on Wikipedia, and she's 78 this year. She really has been around since forever.

    Anyway, yes, she's Canadian, and I've always found that she's provided fantastic, no-nonsense information about all of the stuff most people wouldn't know where else or who else to ask. Plus she's got a good sense of humour. I always thought she was a valuable resource for no b.s. sex ed information. And yes, from her call-in questions, you get the impression that there are a lot of confused and misinformed people out there.

    However. I think there does reach an age point where getting product reviews about the general performance of various sex toys gets just a little squicky. It doesn't seem fair, given that she's got great, honest, reliable information, and she's not at shy or squeamish or goofy in her presentation of it. Still.
  19. Feb 10, 2008 #18
    Her talks were very explicit, just not salacious. But, and particularly on her television show, if you ever wanted a product comparison along with a "how-to-use-this-thing-properly" demonstration on, say, (I don't know how explicit I'm allowed to be here) a rubber or leather or plastic-type device that men use to prolong activities (and she could even use the real words :biggrin:) then there was lots of merit to her show.

    And if you, Cyrus, already know everything there is to know about everything you've ever heard about and all related stuff that's sold in stores, then great for you! Lots of people haven't and they're curious. She also provided a forum for good information for caring for your health along with "how-to(s)" of various intimate acts. And all of it no nonsense, no pet-names or euphemisms (although she'd define those if people asked that) and straightforward. There's not a thing you can't ask her about.
  20. Feb 10, 2008 #19

    Fun little book I have. :wink:

    I dont see what Id possibly ask her. I really dont. What would you ask her, for example? You make it sound as if talking about sex is a big deal.

    Ok, she talks about sex...... I talk about explicit sex to friends that are guys and women all the time. Big deal. I promise you my conversations are much raunchier than what you will hear on her show.
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  21. Feb 10, 2008 #20
    Yeah, but when a guy in his 20's (I assume) talks about sex, it means you're a pig and only think about sex.

    When a woman in her 70's talks about sex, she's edgy, intelligent, and interesting. That's why she's making the big bucks.
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