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Talking ads? Are you kidding me?

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    Is PF really allowing advertisements that speak to you? Wow, that is freaking annoying.
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    I don't have to put up with ads on PF since I'm a contributor, but I once came across a talking ad on another site, and I nearly jumped out of my chair! When you aren't expecting an ad to start talking, it's a pretty startling thing (and a disincentive to visit the site from work).

    Blinking ads are annoying too, so if I can't just scroll down to push them out of view, I often stop visiting sites with them.
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    It's been reported. We already actively block ads to quack sites when they get reported.
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    Tired of your old push button phone....
    Tired of your
    Tired of your old


    It's really bad if you use mozilla and open up several tabs at once.
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    No ads here. :wink:
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    Better still, No sound here!!
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    I didn't notice any on PF, but these days the "get a college degree over the internet" one is everywhere. It's better than the porn one which was all over the internet 5-6 ago... For example, you would search in google and open a bunch of web pages and suddenly someone would start talking about ****ing.
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    You must be drunk !!! At least 42 cans of beer.

    Hello Jack and Jill, Maria and Jessica,
    Susan see one ads :redface: it.is.goooooooogle. on the left top corner right down Susan's name...:blushing:
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    I don't think I would mind, so long as it wasn't the one that Monique showed us a while ago. That one would not be nice. :frown:

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