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Talking to Printers

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    I want to smash things. I want to bite things in half. I want to HURT inanimate objects.

    Printers have been communicating with computers for 3 decades. Why must it ALWAYS be such a painful process to get them to talk to each other??

    I have never - in all the time I've owned this #$&!$#$%#@^&!^#! HP 5510 - had it work when I needed it to. It takes a half hour of fiddling and coddling to get the computer just to see it. Then it goes to sleep and it forgets everything. WHY??? It says it's connected to my network. Why can't it STAY connected??

    I got a page to print out (no idea what flavor of chicken blood satisfied its desire that time), and now five minutes later, it's gone invisible, and I can't print again.

    Blood pumping. Vein popping. Fists clenching. :mad:
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    I haven't had a printer in 10 years. I just go to FedEx Home Office :)
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    I'm glad my printer setting up experience, esp. wifi/router set up so all computers can use the printer, has been smoothly. I don't have my laptop set to sleep after a certain amount of time, but I don't see why it should forget the printer if it does go to sleep.
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    Hi Dave. Did a quick search and everyone seems to be having issues setting up the wireless connection. I assume that's the issue that you're having?

    In one of the threads that I found, a few people have reported that the wireless needs to be set up using WPA2 with AES. That seems to be a pretty dumb design flaw but might be worth a try - HP Photosmart 5510 Printer - Wireless Network Connectivity Issues.
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    Thanks. I'll look into that.

    I think I'll also look into trashing all my PC stuff and getting all Macs, where stuff just works.
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    Macs have their issues as well. I had an issue with a Mac and printer, where the particular printer firmware was not updated to include the latest OSX. So I had to get a more modern printer.

    I have Wintel laptop and desktop connected to a Brothers wireless B&W laser printer. They seem to work flawlessly.
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    I found it easier, back in the day, to have all computers in the same workgroup (as opposed to HomeGroup), and have the computer the printer is connected to turned on, so I would print from another computer that would see the printer on the computer the printer is connected to.

    Then I got a router that supported my printer over wifi (by connecting it to a USB port on the router), using the router specialised software for connecting to for scanning etc.
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    If I called in GeekSquad to set it up for me all proper-like do you think they would be willing to write up a checklist for the next time it goes down?
    Not sure how willing they would be to negotiate themselves out of repeat visits.

    Hm. I could get my stereo/TV/47-remotes set up at the same time...
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