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Talking Urinal Cakes

  1. Feb 26, 2007 #1
    I guess it had to happen sooner or later. In this age of mass marketing and advertising a new venue has been born. They were originally intended to alert men in bars and clubs not to drink and drive. The state of New Mexico has purchased 500 of them, but the cakes have now gone commercial.

    Don't worry ladies, a version which will be installed in the potty is coming soon to a location near you.


    Here in Tucson we already have advertising on the sides of school buses. I am waiting to see one that says: "Tenth Grade Brought To You By Bud Light":surprised
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    I'm just laughing at the company name. :rofl:
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    The first time a 'customer' gets surprised by the blinking lights and talking urinal cake, he's going to be so surprised he pees on the guys standing at the urinals next to him.

    That's just the sort of thing that will scare the piss out of someone.
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    Hmm makes me wonder what the ones to be mounted in the potties will do.
  6. Feb 26, 2007 #5
    Someone is going to come up with a joke version of one of these talking urinal deodorizer cakes that starts laughing when approached.. Its gonna out sell the clapper and the Chia pet.:biggrin:
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    I vow, right now, that I will never buy anything thats advertised on a talking toilet.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    :rofl: :rofl: I wonder if one of those toilets would clash with my retro pedestal sink.
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    Not even TP? :wink:
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    I'd put them in every urinal at work :rofl:
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    I wonder if they'll sell one that comments on "size". :rofl:
  13. Feb 27, 2007 #12
    In a joke version it could comment on just about anything.:wink:

    There is no end to where the serious use of this device could go. I would imagine that these things will eventually be able to scan the persons height and width and then advertise an appropriate product. It could say for instance:
    "Buy Hershey's Chocolate" or "try a refreshing Diet Pepsi."
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