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Tammany Bosses

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    Does anyone know about Boss Croker and Boss Murphy? I am curious about how much power they had compared to Boss Tweed.

    Tweed took advantage of the torent of politcal divisions that took place before the Civil War to rise to the head of Tammany Hall. Besides this New York government was in a transition phase. The systems were becoming more complicated and less easy for people to track, thus corruption could seep in.

    Tweed was able to take control of New York with the newspapers in his pocket, for some 150,000 for one paper in city "advertising." It seems that, and many historians have said, the time Boss Tweed rose to power was a very unique time. The press was weak and so was government as a result of the massive immigrant growth and the ability for any mayor to control it effectively.

    But after Tweed was removed from power several things changed. For the most part the Republicans realized they could not stay in politics if they continued to play the nativist card. So they began to challenge Tammany Hall for the immigrant votes. Therefor the potential strenght of any future boss would be lowered. There are several other political factors which resolved themselves, eliminating the choas the Tweed used to take power.

    I do not really know much about the future bosses but I suspect that they were never able to have as much control because of these things. What do you know?

    Thanks for your time,
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