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Tangent Galvanometer help (square loops around compass)

  1. Aug 4, 2009 #1
    What I had to do for a physics prac was to create a tangent galvanometer using this like...square piece of wood and a flat piece of wood in the middle... and we put a compass in the middle and increased the number of coils (carrying current) and recorded the deflection made by the compass and number of coils..
    I was just wondering, what kind of conclusions can I make about this? We weren't really told an aim on why we were doing it.. just kind of.. given instructions...
    And I was also wondering what a tangent galvanometer actually does? My book says that it's used for current detection...

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
    Just incase you need my results, here they are (it goes number of turns, then the degrees measured from 0 by the north needle)
    60 West
    72 W
    75 W
    80 W
    83 W
    85 W
    89 W
    89 W
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