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Tangent Graphing Question

  1. Oct 10, 2006 #1
    Why does the period of a tangent function = 180 degrees, and the sine and cosine functions have periods of 360 degrees. Also i dont understand why asymptotes are included in the tangent graph, and not the other two

    If someone could clarfy this for me id be very thankful
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    It is because the tan(x) function is a ratio of sin(x) and cos(x).

    As x gets near [itex]\pi/2}[/itex], cos(x) gets very near from 0, while sin(x) gets near 1. So tan(x) near [itex]\pi/2}[/itex] gets very big, hence the assymptote at [itex]\pi/2}[/itex]. The same phonomenon explain the other assymptotes.
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