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Tangential Speed

  1. Dec 15, 2013 #1
    What is the tangential speed of a lug nut on a wheel of a car if the lug nut is located 0.114 m from the axis of rotation; and the wheel is rotating at 6.53 rev/sec?
    (a) 0.745 m/s (c) 2.98 m/s (e) 9.36 m/s
    (b) 1.49 m/s (d) 4.68 m/s

    1) I was able to convert 6.54 rev/sec to 4103 rad/s
    2) I don't know if the ratio is what you see on the picture? can you see the picture and let
    me know if that is the radio?

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    Try to think about it this way. What distance does the nut travel per revolution of the wheel? If it makes 6.53 revolutions per second, how far does it travel in that second? So what's the velocity, then?
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    velocity would be Vr = r.ω

    (0114 m)(41.03 rad/s) = Vr
    Vr = 4.68 m/s

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