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News Tangible benefits gained from this Forum

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    One of the great benefits for me during discussions and debates here on Physics Forums, Politics & World Affairs (P&WA) is that I gain personally from participating. Questions on controversial issues get posted and then the ideas, beliefs, and opinions of our members begin to accumulate for everyone (including the public) to consider. The great power of this Forum is in our members, who are from diverse educational, experiential, and cultural backgrounds. They contribute a range of viewpoints and a wide variety of perspectives on issues, some not so obvious. Because of that, new horizons and new possibilities are opened up for all of us.

    I read the posts of members carefully, and then analyze their arguments logically, and of course, try to avoid jumping to conclusions. Misunderstandings can contribute to confusion, criticism, and even to conflict…all unwarranted. I have learned the futility of relying too much on biased narratives from single sources, especially when they conform to my own viewpoint. It is easy to be seduced by false narratives. I have resolved to study multiple sources of information on a topic and then try to integrate those other points of view with my own.

    Participating here in P&WA has enabled me to rethink and reevaluate my own attitudes, values, and beliefs. And yes, sometimes I do completely change my mind. To the founders of Physics Forums, our moderators who help keep us on track, our Mentors, and most of all, our members, I thank you for this opportunity.
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    Ditto: I banged my head in many other sites, and never found one in which most people were not trying to push an agenda and stretch/shrink the facts to fit their preconceived notions. Left, right, center, feminist, anti-feminist, etc. Good to see people offering data and actual arguments.

    Right-on, PF, Moderators. Good job.
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