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Tanker geometry

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    Dear all
    I need theoretical backround regarding shape of the compressor tanks or tanker lorries as well as gas carrying containers .

    Why such are round shape instead of rectangle or square?

    Any papers ,references sites are welcome

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    Mostly to avoid stress concentrations/discontinuities at the corners.
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    A flat plate, pressurized on one side, will have bending stresses in it, which is a very inefficient way of distributing the forces due to pressure.

    Cylindrical and rounded sections are in tension only, so the entire wall thickness is contributing to resisting forces generated by the pressure.
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    a square tank

    :yuck: sup!
    i will agree. the reason is most definently stress concentrator that are created by sharp corners. take a motor shaft for example, the most likely place for the shaft to fail is at the keyway bcoz of the sharp edges due to machining of the shaft.
    and ooohhh ja, circles look betta then squeres:smile::smile::smile:
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